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Illustration and Storyboard Portfolio by Rebecca Myers

Contact and Inquiries



Thank you for your interest in working with me!
Please help me better understand your needs so I can let you know if I would be a good fit for your project.
Some things I’ll need to know are:

Content and Subject Matter
Briefly describe what kind of illustration, storyboard, or artwork you are looking for. 
What style were you imagining for your project? Is it black and white, line art with color,, or is it a painted piece? I work in a few different styles, it would be great if you can reference a piece in my portfolio that made you interested in working with me. How can  my art style best suit your project?
When can we start and what is the final deadline for the project? The start date is when you will be able to provide for me all materials that are required to finish the project. This may be a script, reference materials, descriptions, etc. The deadline is when you can expect to hold all deliverables.
Please let me know what your ideal budget for the project is. I’ll let you know what I can get done within the parameters of your budget and deadline.
Please let me know how many files or deliverables you need. Some examples of this may be:
“2 Storyboards with 10 cells each”
“One illustration plus five spot illustrations”
“One book cover illustration, one book jacket based off of illustration”
What file types will you need? JPG, .Gif, .Tiff, etc? 
Please note that I do not work in vector formats.
Please let me know the specific use or purpose of the work I will be creating for you. Is this for personal or commercial use? Will it be printed or viewed on a computer screen? 
For example, if I’m creating storyboards for you: Are they for a commercial, photoshoot, pitch or storybook? All examples are storyboards but have different levels and styles of finish.